TIL a man once sued McDonalds for $1.5 million because of “emotional distress” he suffered after receiving just 1 napkin with his meal.


Except no that’s not what happened, that’s not why he sued, he sued because when he went to ask for more napkins, the staff started racially harassing him, all over fucking napkins. As for the amount, ut was probably exaggerated by the lawyer so when the court shrinks it, McDonalds would still have to pay at least something.

There are no such things as frivolous lawsuits made by individual people.

+McDonalds loves smear campaigns against those that sue them, such as the lady that got 3rd degree burns from her coffee on a her lap being reduced to “lady sued McDonalds after spilling coffee on her lap” as if the coffee wasn’t 200°F

The temperature wasn’t the issue–it was high but still within industry standards.

The issue was the cups McDonald’s used at the time, which were extremely flimsy and spill-prone.