Colors and pale, pale skin.

“Wake up. Ah, what’s the matter, sweet pea?” He towered over her prone body on the floor, gazing down at her in amusement and returning the pocket watch to its case.

“Can’t… move.” Like the Tin Man, she could barely move her lips enough to form the words. Her body felt so heavy, tired, and yet completely rigid, held fast in position by some invisible force.

“You can’t, huh. Can’t even wiggle a pinky?” The muscles in her face, beneath her creamy porcelain skin, scrunched slightly in concentration. She looked so very helpless; he could barely tell how hard she struggled to move, to escape the bonds tied tightly around her mind.

“Remind me why you can’t move.”

“Y-youuuu,” she whined. She couldn’t remember, really, anything at all. Couldn’t recall when she’d removed her clothing, lied down on the floor, spread her legs as wide as they’d go, sex dripping onto a small spot on the throw beneath her. But it must have been him.

“Oh, come now, pet. Obey. Even a mindless slave like you can remember to address me properly, can’t she?” Obey. She did love to obey. Oh no, had she disappointed Master?

“S-sorry, Master.”

“Shh, it’s okay. That’s a good girl.” He moved out of her field of vision and she heard him rustling in a drawer. When he returned, he dangled the strongest vibrator in their arsenal above her sleepy, yet alert eyes. Involuntarily, her thighs tried to squeeze together; she whimpered as they remained paralyzed.

“This trigger seems quite effective. Why don’t we test it? See just how unable you are to move when I press this on your clit. What do you say, darling?”

“Mnn… yes, Master.”

Not gonna lie, hypnosis is becoming more and more of an interest to me, now.

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