“Your mind is so small right now, isn’t it, pretty girl?” There was no cruelty in the words; if anything, Brianna heard an endless torrent of pride in her Master’s voice when he talked about how tiny her mind was becoming. Brianna smiled warmly around the finger she couldn’t help sucking, letting herself drool just a little at the corners as she played with herself and stared into Master’s eyes. Because she wasn’t always this fuzzy. Master’s eyes were making her think less, just like she always wanted. And that made her so happy.

She felt so happy and foggy that she almost forgot that Master was asking her a question, but she wanted to please Master more than anything in the world right now and her slave self knew it. She took her finger just a little bit of the way out of her mouth, barely enough to talk, and said, “Uh huh!” There were better ways to say that, lots of big words that made pretty word pictures, but Brianna’s head was too full of pleasure to think of big things. Big words were confusing. She didn’t need them. She just needed to play with her cunt for Master and let the pleasure get bigger and bigger until it pushed everything else out of her head.

“That’s my good girl,” Master purred, running his hands over her body until she whimpered in drowsy ecstasy. “Feeling that pretty head of yours emptying out as you stare into my eyes. It’s so hard to think right now,” he said, and she nodded eagerly in response without even realizing it. “You don’t want to think for yourself anymore, not when Master can think for you.” He smiled. “Go ahead and repeat that for me now.”

Words were getting harder and harder for Brianna, but she knew she wanted to please Master. And obeying Master always pleased Master. “I, um… I don’t want…” Her fingers swirled faster and faster over her clit, the pleasure getting stronger and stronger as she struggled to remember. “I don’t want to, um… to think…” The words sputtered out in a haze of sleepy bliss, but that was okay. It pleased Master when she obeyed, but it also pleased Master when she had trouble thinking. No matter what she did, she was always pleasing Master.

She started over again. That was what Master told her to do, when she was having trouble remembering his words. “I don’t… want to think…” But as soon as she got to that bit, it just made her notice how good it really did feel when she didn’t think, and how much better it felt when she thought even less. And that pleased Master too. It made Master so happy when she stopped thinking. It made Brianna so happy when she stopped thinking. She was making Master happy when she got all fuzzy and horny and eager to please, and the less she thought the better she felt. “I don’t want to… think…” she tried again, her cunt spasming around her fingers as another wave of bliss washed over her.

“I.. I don’t… I, ohhh…” The words dissolved into moans, just like her thoughts dissolved into pleasure. She couldn’t stop fucking her thoughts away, rubbing her clit until her brains melted right out of her cunt. She kept struggling, murmuring out an “I…” here and an “I don’t…” there as her mind tried to fit itself around ideas that just felt too big for her foggy little head now, but her head was lolling and her hips were bucking and she knew she couldn’t think at all anymore. No matter how she tried, she just couldn’t think at all anymore.

Just like Master wanted. “Stop thinking and come, good girl,” he said, gathering her in his arms and holding her tenderly as her climax blanked her mind completely. With a sigh of utter joy, Brianna allowed her mind to crumble into obedience.

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