I finally bought a head massager and holy fuck it’s like a vibrator for my head

They are pretty great.

Next level: attach an actual vibrator to it (assuming you haven’t done that already).

I can’t imagine that that would feel better than the actual massager to me, but if I’m ever ready for that level I sure will give it a try! 

I actually totally just want a partner to use one of these things on me. I remember somebody having one at a party I went to in high school, and I only let them do it to me a little because because the effect was soooo sexual for me (and not in a performative way, like my drama-club peers were doing).    

Gonna throw in a fun induction idea re: kinky uses of these: using one of these to slooowwwllllyyyy pull out all of someone’s mind and thoughts. 🙂 

Ummm I had NOT thought about the use of these things for hypno and now it’s ALLLLL I can think about hellllp.

lmao I have ALWAYS thought of them in a hypnokinky way. they just feel soooo gooood

Head massagers are very fun toys for trance. Very useful kinesthetic fixation objects for a brainwashing machine implanting suggestions directly into the subject’s subconscious.


I have one in my toybag right now for exavtmtbthis purpose

Yes. Yes it is. I went down HARD.