“Holy crap what’s happening!?”

The words never came out. Sally’s body remained stiff and motionless, her jaw slack, as her boyfriend kept clicking away at the remote.

Unable to see what was happening, Sally could only feel the sensations of the changes happening to her body — the sudden sense of vulnerability as her usual clothes disappeared from her body and then were replaced piece by piece.

The silk stockings climbing up her legs. The leotard snug against her pussy. The lipstick across her mouth. The leather skirt around her waist.

Any sense of relief brought about by being fully clothed was dashed as Sally’s body collapsed to her knees — prone and obedient.

“So Sally,” her boyfriend finally asked. “What do you think?”

She answered in a simple monotone. “I only think what you tell me to, Master.”

He chuckled to himself.

“Perfect. Now let’s get ready to go. I wonder what your book club will have to say about your new attitude.”