A submission from an anonymous follower inspired this story. Thank you!

Ellie had always wanted a tattoo. Something discreet, but unique. Her parents would have killed her if she did when she was younger, but out of college meant it was time to find her own space and place in this world. What better way to prove her independence than by decorating her body however she wanted.

Her girlfriend Heather had her own ideas of what she should have. A heart, peace sign, initials, go all in with a lower back tattoo like Heather had…all so incredibly not Ellie. But Heather raved about the guy that did her tattoo, and so she set up the appointment with Luke at MC Tattoos. He encouraged her to come in early so she could get some ideas, so she set up an appointment for the weekend.

The shop was bright, very clean, strangely empty, and not a tattoo chair or bed in sight. Luke sat with her in the spare waiting area, listened intently to Ellie’s general ideas: unique, a statement, but leaving open ideas for later. Luke said little, but then he stepped out briefly, almost in mid-sentence of Ellie’s theory of tattoo meaning, returning with a slim binder. He left it on the small table in front of Ellie, saying “I’ll be in the back when you’re ready,” leaving Ellie alone with only the binder and a cup of water for company.

If Heather hadn’t recommended this place so heartily, Ellie would have left right there. Luke wasn’t the most customer friendly person she’d met, and that binder could hardly have many options. She sighed, opened the binder, ready to skim through.

She didn’t, though. Her thoughts were arrested by the very first glance at the pattern in the binder. The detail was exquisite. Ellie could have sworn it moved. It was so fascinating to examine, her eyes playing upon the detail. She never heard the door open, Luke wheeling a bed in, or the firm instructions she was given to disrobe and lie down. Ellie kept her focus on what was truly important: the pattern.

It had been a few months now. None of her new tattoos hurt at all, and now Ellie understood why Heather raved about Luke! Not only was he super-helpful when she was there, giving her only the perfect design for whatever new ink she wanted, but he made sure that she was happy with it afterwards. He had taken so much time out of his schedule to do video chats where she modeled her new tattoos in different contexts. Sometimes it was in lingerie, sometimes business wear, often in nothing but the suit she was born in, which Luke thought was her best option.

Ellie was inclined to agree, and not just because the tattoos seemed to tingle when she did. It was just so much easier to agree with Luke, and Heather thought so, too. Heather had moved in with Luke not too long ago, and Luke said that he might have room for Ellie soon. It was the best news she’d heard since Luke told her that she was becoming a perfect fucktoy for him.

Yes, Ellie though, as she modeled her latest lingerie purchase for Luke, she really had found her perfect place in this world.