Heather had a calm, almost studious look on her face as she slid her fingers into Maisie’s slick pussy. It almost didn’t seem like a seduction at all, only an abstract demonstration of what a seduction might look like in the real world. For all Maisie knew, that was exactly what it was to Heather–Grace had her hooks so deep in the other woman’s mind that she might well have dissociated her conscience away behind a deep agentic state. ‘Oh, I’m not fucking my best friend’s will away. If it were me, I’d stop. I’m only watching my body respond to Grace’s commands. I’m completely helpless right now.’

Not that Maisie had any room to condemn Heather at the moment. Not when all she could do was stare at her friend’s expression of glassy, tranquil bliss and let those fingers slowly and evenly massage her clit. Not when she felt an impossible, absurd certainty that she was merely a passive observer in her own seduction, watching herself writhe helplessly under Grace and Heather’s ministrations and wondering why she didn’t do anything to stop it. No matter how hard she tried to remind herself that she had the power to get up and walk away any time she wanted, the irrational conviction that she was merely a passenger in her own mind clung to her thoughts and refused to let go.

“That’s it, pet,” Grace cooed, her eye filled with desire as she watched Heather’s fingers slowly thrusting in and out. “Fuck her into obedience for me. Make her docile. Make her compliant.” Grace’s own hands worked away at Maisie’s breasts as she spoke, teasing Maisie’s nipples into stiff nubs. “You know exactly what to do to erase her will, because you remember exactly how it felt when I erased yours. And the more you fuck her into obedience, the more you reinforce your own submission to me.”

Heather sighed, her eyes staring without truly seeing. “I have been made compliant,” she said in a vacant monotone. “Compliance is all that matters.” The words exerted a pull on Maisie’s thoughts as she heard them, as though her mind was a sheet of rubber and Heather’s mantras were stones tugging it down. “Compliance is bliss. I have been made compliant. Compliance is all that matters. Compliance is bliss. I have been…”

Maisie managed to tear her eyes away from Heather’s placid expression just for a moment, fighting the pleasure just enough to look at Grace’s face. The triumph she saw there made her finally despair. There was no doubt, no hesitation, nothing but quiet confidence in Grace’s stare. Maisie would never escape. Neither would Heather. The power Grace held over them, whatever it was, would only increase. Until…

“Compliance is bliss,” Maisie heard herself whisper. Her eyes drifted back down to Heather’s blank stare as they began to repeat the words together.

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