“No, of course you’re not addicted.” He stood behind her as he spoke, his breath a warm tickle in her ears. “You’re absolutely right, you could quit any time you want. We both know that. But…” His hand reached between her legs to brush at the slick, shaven skin of her vulva. “But if you could quit, if you’re not addicted, then you must want to be where you are right now. Naked, standing at attention. Waiting for another dose of my pleasure to drug your mind into oblivion.”

His fingers caressed her labia, coming away coated with her musk. She shivered, but before she could even so much as whimper his voice was back in her head. “Because we both know that’s what’s going to happen when you cum for me. When my hand and my voice and my will fan that spark of pleasure into a raging flame, your brain is going to produce all those delicious neurochemicals–oxytocin, seratonin, endorphins–that combine with your hypnotic conditioning to deepen and intensify your surrender to me. The more you cum for me, pretty pet, the more I control you.”

His hand was moving faster now, rubbing on her clit in swirling circles, and she could hear herself moaning under her breath as he spoke. “But you’re not addicted to those chemicals. You’re not addicted to the pleasure of cumming for Master. You’re not a helpless slave to your own arousal, dragged back again and again and again to me so that you can experience the powerful orgasms only I can give you. You just told me that, and of course I agree.”

She felt his lips graze the back of her neck, and it was all she could do to keep her knees from buckling under the sudden wave of shivery heat that shot down her spine all the way to her clit. “So if you’re not addicted to my pleasure, and you’re not helpless to resist the inexorable undertow of my will as it drags you down and down and down into endless fathoms of obedience… well, then there’s only one real reason you could be standing here, isn’t there? You must want to be my slave. You must want to be fucked deeper into obedience. You must want me to fuck your thoughts away, one by one, until all that’s left is ecstatic surrender to my control.” He accompanied his words with strategic pressure on her clit, turning ‘obedience’ and ‘surrender’ into surges of drowsy bliss.

“If you say that for me, pet, I think you just might cum for me.” His fingers moved faster and faster, relentlessly pushing her on to the orgasm she craved. “Just tell me you want to be my mindless, obedient slave, and you can cum for me. It’s true, after all. You know it’s true because I just explained it to you, and we both know that Master is right about everything. Just admit that you want to be my slave, and my pleasure will drug your mind away like it always does. All you need to do is tell the truth to me. All you need to do is tell the truth to yourself.”

Her breath hitched once. Twice. And finally, the words came out in a wail of mindless arousal so strong she couldn’t hold them back. “I w-wanna be your mmmindless ohhhhbedient slave!” she shrieked, as her muscles spasmed and her cunt clenched and her eyes rolled back in her head in helpless pleasure. He held her as she climaxed, gently lowering her to the floor as her body forgot how to stand from the sheer intensity of the bliss raging through her. He was still speaking to her, but she couldn’t consciously listen any more; her mind was consumed with orgasmic bliss, overwhelmed with an explosion of ecstasy that shut down every last thought and left her blank and receptive. Just like always.

“Good girl,” he said, laying her in a prone position and gazing into her eyes. “Good girl. Now… listen.” He spoke to her some more. He didn’t stop fucking her. She didn’t remember what he said next. But she agreed with every single word.

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