Everything was wonderful now. Before coming here, she had been plagued with self doubts, worries, gnawing anxieties eating at her well-being. Basically, she was a wreck. She was overextended, hard working, taking care of friends and family constantly. Then she got her Golden Ticket in the mail. Literally. She didn’t think that kinda thing happened unless it was a Wonka experience, but there it was. She remembered staring at it, grinning a bit, but there it was. 

She knew she had responsibilities, but something about the literally shiny Golden Ticket made her stop for a second. To evaluate. She thought and decided that it was time for her to enjoy. To let go and have fun. She made a few calls, catching a number of people of guard, by just declaring she would be gone for two weeks.

Next thing she knew, she was on a flight to her complimentary stay on some lovely Pacific island she had never heard of. All expenses paid, all inclusive. Two weeks. She was scared and excited at the same time.

She landed and was greeted by the most beautiful people she had ever seen. It wasn’t just the physical appearances, though several were amazing specimens of humanity, but the confidence? Attitude? Something intangible that she couldn’t put her finger on. They treated her amazingly and she was slightly embarrassed at the friendly pampering. It was explained to her that she may not see many people there on her stay, other than staff, since they were doing a soft launch. She nodded, happy to have most of the grounds to herself. She was taken to her large suite, a corner room with one side looking at a lush jungle, and the other with a fantastic view of the beach and blue ocean.

Ever efficient, she was going to make the most of her trip, enjoying the food, the ocean, hikes into the jungle to sylvan waterfalls, sunning herself. Everything she could do. It wasn’t until she was a week into her trip though, that she decided to take advantage of the spa. She was already totally relaxed and happy to listen to the suggestions of the staff, ever accommodating as they were, so when a delightful young man slyly suggested she get in a massage and relaxation therapy, she could hardly say no. 

She stepped into the massage room, all luxurious and tranquil as her masseuse laid her down, oiled her up and got to work. She was drifting along nicely, listening to the idle conversation, just hearing the words pass into her head and then out again, her body melting on the table. Before she knew it, she was shaken awake a bit, a smile from her masseuse letting her know the relaxation therapy was ready for her. She struggled to pull herself off the table, her muscles completely liquid and languid, her body still gleaming with shimmering oil. The masseuse just smiled so beautifully at her, and she caught herself just staring into the lips of her pretty friend. The lips told her to walk over to the dark room and just lay down in the special bed. She giggled a bit and did so, laughing at her own silliness. Before she knew it, she was laying on some high tech bed and stretching and making herself comfortable. 

There was a sound of something electronic starting and the dark room came to life with a bevy of colors and low bass tones that send very pleasant vibrations through her naked body. Her eyes opened wide of their own accord, her eyes dilating into large black discs, an enormous grin of wonderment quickly materializing, as the colors because so completely captivating. 

She didn’t know how long she was like that, just open and staring and feeling those tones run through her, mostly because she just stopped thinking. Then the Voice game. The Voice told her to relax and enjoy, and she just needed to obey, and when she relaxed, and enjoyed, it was wonderful. The Voice told her she was good and that just made her so happy. The Voice kept this up for a bit, just taking her deeper and deeper, getting her into the right state of mind to be empty and open. No mental defenses, just feelings of openness, obedience, and wonder in her mind. 

She was so very enthralled as she was dropped so deep. Then the Voice stopped and another Voice started. It told her exactly what was happening to her. She was being brainwashed. She had been chosen based on a profile that was sent when she was playing around online. She fit the perfect candidate for their program. She was so happy they chose her and told the Voice such. She Voice sounded… surprised. It asked, why was she so happy? With no filter, no anxiety or thoughts to get in the way, she proceeded to tell the cold hard truth of her life to the Voice that had asked about her thoughts. She was babbling about her life and her stress and fears, the dam of her mind broken under the colorful onslaught. The Voice paused when she finished. 

Then it asked something, the Voice asked, what did she want. This was a question she didn’t know how to answer normally. If she was going on about her life and someone asked her, her immediate response would be to state “I don’t know…what do you want?” Today was different, she was completely enthralled and open, hypnotized and blank, and in a voice she never knew she had, she described how she wanted to be just like this. Open, happy, and blissful. She wanted to let go. She wanted to just be told to do things and be needy. Pleasure driven. Not needing to worry about paying the bills or getting gas, just alive, and mindless, and driven by pleasure. She was crying she would dimly remember, just so emotionally overwhelmed, the words tumbling out of her like an avalanche that would just not stop. 

After she was done, the Voice, which she could swear was smiling, told her that her Wish had been granted. It told her that since she landed, the food, the laundry, the drinks, the massage oil was all preparation for this moment. She whispered thank you so many times as the color intensified and then she could talk anymore. She could just Listen. Listen to the Beautiful Voice as it filled her up and made her the happiest girl. 

She stood out on the beach, enjoying the surf and sun. Her pussy was throbbing again, but she had gotten used to that. Anytime she wore her collar out like this, shiny and reflective, letting the patrons know she was available to be mesmerized and programmed for them, she got like this. It was the quiet burn that made it fun though. The resort had ensured her affairs were ordered and the people back home would have things taken care of for them. She didn’t worry about that anymore, though they still gave her updates. Part of her was thankful, but that part was locked behind her collar right now. 

All she was, currently, was a blank, sensual, horny canvas, ready to be painted by the whims of her patrons. She had never been happier.

damn this is good