Super Happy Funtime


“Hi Mrs. Long! how you doing?”

Oh! Darren! how did you getting here?

“You left the front door unlocked and wide open, Mrs. Long. So I thought I should close it for you and take advantage of the opportunity to ask you how your computer was running now.”

I left the door open? Oh my God! I’ve just been so distracted lately. I feel like such a bi… So easily distracted…

“That’s too bad Mrs. Long. But your computer isn’t crashing anymore, is it?”

Huh? Oh! Oh yes, yes not crashing anymore… Not since you fixed it… But… But there’s a flicker… A flickery flicker … So distracting… Hard to focus, you know. I’ll be working and then the flicker starts and then I’m like like, I don’t know, you know?

“Oh, well that’s probably the Super Happy Funtime app I installed while I was fixing your computer.  I thought you would probably like it.”

Super Happy Funtime?

“Super Happy Funtime. You like Super Happy Funtime, don’t you? Everyone likes Super Happy Funtime”

Everybody likes Super Happy Funtime…I like Super Happy Funtime… I’m a Super Happy Funtime girl…

“That’s right Eva. You’re a Super Happy Funtime girl. And do you know what time it is, Eva?”

Is it…Super happy funtime?

“It’s Super happy funtime.”

Super happy fun time! Time to get naked!

“Wow, Eva, you ARE a Super Happy Funtime Girl!”

A Super Happy Funtime Girl loves to show her TaTas!

“And such lovely TaTas they are!”

Would you like to touch them? A Super Happy Funtime Girl loves to share her TaTas!

“You know, I’ve wanted to touch them since the day you moved in next door.”

Well come on then, Silly! I’m a A Super Happy Funtime Girl! Grab my TaTas!

“Thank you for letting me play with your titties, Eva.”

It was a Super Happy Funtime!

“Now it’s your turn to choose what we do.”

Eva wants to fuck!  Fucktime is Super Happy Funtime!  Eva is a Super Happy Funtime Slut! Time to fuck! Time to fuck!

“That is such a good idea, Eva!  I’m so glad you thought of it!”

Big Dick! In Me! Super Happy Funtime! 

Big Dick! In Me! Super Happy Funtime! 

Big Dick! In Me! Super Happy Funtime!

Big Dick! In Me! Super Happy Funtime!

“I am the greatest programmer in the history of computers. I wonder if I should sell it, or maybe…”

Wanna fuck NOW!  Wanna fuck NOW! 

Super Happy Funtime! 

Wanna fuck NOW!

“Darren, you idiot.  Make business plans later! You’ve been dreaming of this for months!”



“Oh wow, Eva.  That was amazing.”

It was Super Happy Funtime!

“Program code Naughty Neighbor Tangerine Abacus”

Super Happy Funtime code accepted.  Entering program mode.   Waiting….Waiting… 

“Eva, when I leave, you will take your clothing to the bathroom.  You will run a bath with luke-warm water.  You will get in the tub.  Once you are in the tub, you will exit programming mode.  You will believe you fell asleep in the tub and drempt of fucking me. You will be embarrassed but aroused by this and will warm up your bath and then masturbate in the tub, remembering the dream.”



“After you masturbate, you will get out of the tub and go about your day.  Tomorrow, after your husband leaves, you will go to your computer and run the Super Happy Funtime Advanced app and stare at the screen for 20 minutes.” 



“You will then put on your sexiest outfit, unlock your front door, and text me to come over.  You will proceed to seduce me.”



“Super Happy Funtime!”

super happy funtime…