Look at her sitting there. So happy. So content.

So sexy.

Doesn’t she look amazing there? In her hot pink babydoll lingerie. She is absolutely stunning in pink. Isn’t she?

She is.

So could you! She’s sexy because she’s embraced her femininity. She’s embraced her pink side. She’s giggly, and vapid, and fun, and shes oh so sexy.

Don’t you want to be sexy?

You could be as sexy as her, it’s not that hard! Sure, she has big boobs, but you could have big boobs too! Anything is possible these days. Even you could be sexy.

You want to be sexy.

Don’t you? It can be so easy! Just embrace the pink, like her! Open yourself to giggly, vapid, cute pink! Let the pink consume you. You have to let it in. Go ahead, giggle. Doesn’t it feel good?

It feels good to giggle.

It feels good to be giggly.

Good girl, just accept the pink. Giggle some more and let it flow through you. That’s it, twirl your hair a bit as you giggle and gaze at what you can become. Take in her beauty. Take in her sexiness. Be a good girl and let the pink in. Be a vapid, giggly, pink girl!

Be a silly bimbo.

Doesn’t it feel good?