“You’re so wet,” Tamara whispered, her voice like a shot of whiskey straight to Jennifer’s brain. “All the warmth of the water has seeped into your muscles, melted your thoughts down into blissful obedience, and left you so very…very wet for me.” Her fingers moved ceaselessly as she spoke, teasing Jennifer’s clit with a skill born of long practice until her lover moaned in mindless ecstasy.

“Wuhhhh…wuhhh…wet,” Jennifer gasped, her eyes tightly shut in hypnotized bliss. She was absolutely thrilled by Tamar’s thoughtful Valentine’s Day present even before Tamara winkingly offered to show Jennifer that the hot tub was big enough for the two of them to rest in together. And of course, she was blissfully unconcerned by the lack of swimsuits for either one of them.

From the moment they slid into the warm water together and Tamara’s fingers began to tease Jennifer’s stiffening nipples, Jennifer knew she was going to end up blank and whimpering for Tamara. But Jennifer’s girlfriend pretended not to notice her tiny hitching gasps until Jennifer couldn’t stop herself from moaning, “Please…”

“Please what?” Tamara asked, her voice teasing right along with her fingers. “Please hypnotize you? Please brainwash you? Please fuck your mind away with pleasure until you’re my obedient good girl? You need to tell me you want it, pet. You need to ask me if you want me to stroke all those thoughts away into mindless bliss for me.” She gave Jennifer’s nipples a little pinch, not cruel but just enough to bring the sensation to Jennifer’s full attention. “Don’t you, pet?”

Jennifer couldn’t remember how she responded. There was a gap in her memory, a gap filled with pleasure. All she knew was that she was wet now. And as Tamara’s fingers plunged into her slick, obedient cunt, she knew that the pleasure she was feeling was only the beginning.

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