With a subtle smirk she hands you a small box. “Open it, baby.”


You smile and lift the top off.

It’s a collar. Your first. She chose it just for you and it’s
prefect. Giddy but unsure what to say, you look to her.

Let’s see how it looks
on you.”

She takes it from your hand and wraps it around your neck.
You close your eyes as she gracefully slips the end through the buckle, pulling
the strap. The warm material wraps around your neck like a firm embrace. Not too
loose, not too tight. Your heart races and pounds with love.

She lays a hand on your chest. “Darling, your heart is beating so fast. Are you happy?” You are so much more than happy. You are safe.
You are owned. You are hers. But, unable to speak, you shyly nod your head.

“Good.” You feel her grasp your hip. Her finger curls under your new collar and she firmly pulls
your mouth to hers. She pauses for a moment, then bites your lower lip, her tongue tasting you before she releases. You
look into her eyes and her gaze strikes you with awe and reverence. She

 “My pretty little toy.
Now you are mine.