“You, you won’t…” Jenny could hear her voice slowing down as the bands of light washed over her face. Each one captivated her vision for a moment, drawing her gaze along as it sank to the floor and took her concentration right along with it. “You won’t get me, I’ll… I’ll resist.” The last word came out like Jenny was a record player set to the wrong speed, a halting monotone that slurred to a stop as another wave of light passed by. They kept coming over and over, a new one every second undoing Jenny’s thoughts as soon as they formed.

She couldn’t see the door she came in through. The lights were everywhere, shining in her eyes no matter which way she turned, and even when the blinding bands of intense color weren’t tugging at her will and her stare and making them both sink endlessly, helplessly down… Jenny blinked, struggling to remember where her train of thought was going. She looked around, but she was the center of a ring of projectors covering her with luminescence. She couldn’t see anything but color and light. If there was a door, she couldn’t see it.

But there had to be a door… didn’t there? She came in through a door. She told the owners of the club that she knew what they were doing, that she knew her friends were being brainwashed into dancing there and she was going to put a stop to it, and… and they told her that it was absurd. They told her that nobody was kept here against their will. They told her that her friends were right through the stage door and she could go see them if she wanted. And that door had to be behind her… didn’t it? Of course it did.

But every time she turned, the lights dizzied and disoriented her. They pulled her off balance until she couldn’t be sure whether she was turning around or turning back or turning in a complete circle, and every time she stumbled toward what she thought was the wall, the swirling bands of light seemed to steer her around and around until she was right back in the center of the room again. Until it was all she could do to keep herself upright in the face of the endless waves of drowsy, swirling light. “I won’t… um, you won’t… I, I can resist,” she mumbled, aware of how exhausted her voice sounded now.

The bands of light kept flowing down and down and down, feeling more and more like they were pulling on her eyelids and making them heavier and heavier with each passing moment. “I won’t…” she said, trying to put as much defiance as she could in her voice, but she couldn’t remember what she was even defying anymore. She knew she had to do something, something important, but her thoughts felt thick and sluggish now in her head. She sagged down to her knees, trying to figure out the important thing. “Resist!” she cried out at last, delighted to have placed the mystery word. “I won’t… resist.”

That didn’t sound right, but it was so hard to think now, so hard to even keep her eyes open. Her head drooped down until her chin was resting on her chest, her eyelids fluttering as her eyes rolled back in her head in a last desperate atttempt to stay awake. “I won’t resist,” she muttered, the words sounding more and more correct with every repetition. “I won’t resist. I won’t resist. I won’t resist.” Her legs slid apart, her fingers crept under her skirt and began to rub herself through her soaking panties. “I won’t resist…”

The bands of color were washing over her closed eyelids now, but she could still see them. They diffused through her skin, becoming patterns of deep, pleasant iridescence that lulled her mind into deeper relaxation as the light kept tugging her thoughts down and down and down. She could almost see words in the patterns now, instructions on how to be a better and more obedient girl. The instructions made her need to keep masturbating, but Jenny knew that was all part of being a good girl and she was allowed to play with her cunt whenever she needed to stop herself from thinking. Thinking was for owners. And Jenny knew that being a slave felt so much better.

“I won’t resist,” Jenny moaned again as she came. She didn’t realize that she’d long ago stopped trying.

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