Katie messed around on her phone while she waited for her boyfriend to get back to his apartment. She was the first to admit that she was a bit of an Insta-slut and loved nothing more than posting pics and letting the likes roll in — cute selfies, post-gym show-offs and, of course, anything that focused on her perky rear. Just thinking about guys going gaga over her ass was enough to make Katie start to squirm.

But after swiping through some old pics, Katie started to stumble across some selfies that just didn’t look right. Her hair was all dark and she was dressed all weird and professional — like she was getting ready for a job interview or something. She even looked older somehow. And worse of all, none of them showed off her booty!

Katie made sure to delete them all right away. No reason to worry about any of it, she though. After all, she was just a ditzy coed who practically lived at her boyfriend’s apartment. The only jobs she had to worry about were hand and blow. And just thinking about those sorts of jobs was enough to make her start to squirm again.