“Annie, listen to
me, please, stop and think!”

“I’m thinking
you look cute!”

Given the giggle she
gave, Naomi didn’t think there was a thought in Annie’s little
head. She starred at her blankly, just as she had done for the last
twenty minutes, giving her a cute smile. “But cutie, I just wanna
make you happy! And you love being tied up!”

Naomi struggled,
glaring at her. It was true, the last time they had met up had been a
fun little experiment with the most basics of kink. She’d let Annie
tie her to the bed, and deny her orgasms for the whole weekend. But
if she’d known her long distance girlfriend would use them to tie
her up in her sleep the next time them met, she might have avoided

But she had arrived,
tired from the long drive, and Annie had put her straight to bed. She
had been too exhausted to notice the little things that had been off.
For a start, she had been wearing something much lower cut than
usual. Sure, she’d mentioned how she’d always been a little
self-conscious of herself, but Naomi had assumed it was to impress
her. She’d also seemed more than a little easily distracted,
bouncing between topics like someone with a direct supply of sugar to
their brain. Naomi had wrote it off as just that – a sugar high,
the direct opposite of the tired crash she had been feeling.

But then she had
woken up, tied up to Annie’s comfy bed, stripped completely naked, her girlfriend standing over her. She had always been a deep sleeper, but
waking up to that was unexpected. Usually, she just woke up to her
alarm having given up half an hour earlier.

This time, though, she had
snapped back to reality, fully rested, and her girlfriend’s
giggling, her blank stare, and her incessant positivity were scaring
her. But not quite as much as how dumb she seemed. Or how lewd she
was behaving.

Annie had been the
more innocent one of the pair – the most embarrassed over sending a
cute nude, the one likely to blush at one of Naomi’s little
innuendo. But upon waking up, she had been eyeing her up with
eagerness, and her reply when Naomi asked why she was naked (“It’s
hard to eat you out with your clothes on, silly!”) had sounded so
unlike her, Naomi briefly wondered if she was still dreaming. But no.
She was awake.

Annie leaned in
close, her black hair framing her formerly innocent face as she came close to
Naomi, kissing her cheeks, even as she tried to pull away. “Hee
hee, where are you going?”

“I don’t want
your kisses, Annie! Something’s gotten into you! Snap out of it!”
She almost screamed at her, and Annie pulled back, her smile
shrinking a little.

gotten into me, Naomi hunni! I just feel so good, and my brain feels
nice and fuzzy!” Her grin grew back, and she leaned in to plant her soft lips on her tied up girlfriend’s, moaning as she did so.
Naomi tried to squirm free, making a pathetic little noise as she
tried to escape. When Annie finally did pull back, she glared at her,
both angry and betrayed.

“Annie, leave me
the hell alone! I don’t know what this is, but I don’t like it!
It’s messed up! Just let me untie me, and I’ll leave!” This time, she
did scream at her, and Annie pulled back, her face falling, looking a
little scared.

“W-what do you
mean, leave? D-did I do s-something wrong?” she mumbled, clutching
her hands together, in the way she used to, just in front of her
belly button, when she used to be anxious. It almost made Naomi
reconsider her next few words, but she was too angry to just let it drop.

“Yes! You did all
this, without even asking me! You’re not even acting like yourself,
like the woman I came here to see! I’m… I’m…”

Her angry voice
trailed off, as Annie pulled herself into a ball in the corner of the
bed, her face now a sorry state, as tears started to roll down her
cheeks. “I-I only wanted to have fun with you, Naomi hunni… I’m
just so horny, and my brain feels so funny, I thought you’d like it
if I suprised you…” She stopped talking, her words turning into soft sobs.

Naomi felt very,
very bad. Even if something had happened to her, this was still her
Annie that was crying in front of her. She wanted to reach over, give
her a soft hug, tell her it would be okay, but of course, she was
tied up. She pulled at the ropes, trying to free herself, wondering
why they had made her so mad a few minutes ago. Annie had obviously
been trying to make her feel good! She had loved being tied up last
time, so why not now! She could almost feel her anger being buzzed
away by something growing ever stronger at the back of her mind.

She turned her
attention back to Annie, the buzzing knocking whatever controlled her
gaze from her face to her cute titties. They had always been nice and
round, and Naomi unconsciously licked her lips. First, though, she
wanted to stop her crying. The buzzing had fully gotten rid of that
nasty anger, and she felt a little bit of shame for making her
girlfriend cry! She had been such a cruel… wait, no, what did that
mean? Yes, a meanie! A mean meanie!

“Hey, Annie… I
didn’t mean to make you cry… I guess I just got bad surprised…” She
stuttered out, as Annie turned back to look at her, her expression
morphing into a small smile. “I… I’m glad you wanted to have
fun with me, after I came all this way. I wanna have fun with you,

She started
grinning, and Naomi found herself copying. She could feel it now, the
buzzing Annie had mentioned, and she was right! It made her feel a
all fuzzy and good, her morals and inhibitions getting a little looser, not
that she could remember those words right now. Instead, she made
kissy noises at Annie, who leaned back over, giggling. “I thought
you didn’t wanna kiss?” she said, sticking her tongue out.

Naomi giggled back,
finding it just as natural as her pussy dripping – a natural thing that happened when she admired her
girlfriend’s cute curves. “I do now! I wanna do lots of things
with you, Annie!”

Annie smiled, the
brightest smile yet at her girlfriend finally coming round to her way
of thinking, and kissed her again, and again, and again…

The two would never
know that Annie had caught a nasty little virus from a peck on the
cheek by an infected friend, but neither of them cared very little.
The buzzing in their brains made it a lot more fun to suck on each
other’s clitties, or challenge each other to a public fingering
contest anyway! Everything was just so much more bright, and vibrant,
and fun!

Hey, I’m still alive! Somewhat… Enjoy this short thingy I wrote!