Why am I coming here?

I know what is going to happen. I am going to argue with him about the turn his “therapy  has been taking. I am going to tell him about how I cannot stop flirting with men now. I am going to tell him how I want to be able to wear skirts long enough to cover more than my ass or shoes other than high heels. I want to tell him I can’t keep wearing super tight tops. I am going to tell him all this and it won’t matter because I’m… I mean he is… spiraling out of control.

It’s all Mindy’s fault. She recommended him, said he was doing wonders for her. Now she quit her job at the firm and I heard she is stripping and maybe even doing porn. He’s probably going to try to do that to me. What’s next?

He’s going to tell me how much better it feels when I am always horny. How thinking makes me sad and how letting my head float away with thoughts of cock and being sexy and admired feel so much better. He’s probably going to tell me I should try sucking his cock to see if I’d like being a whore or something.

Because that does sound nice. He’s been so helpful letting me show the real me. Why, maybe he’ll even suggest instead of running my own team at work I can be the office sex toy. That’s probably what he’s gonna do. I hope.