Lemma Ranking


  1. Sucker For a Good Book
  2. The Choice
  3. * Afterechoes
  4. Hard Truths
  5. The Beast of the (Morning) Wood
  6. * Harping on About It
  7. Op-arrrr-ant Conditioning
  8. By the Book
  9. The Contractually Obligatory Anachronistic Beach Episode
  10. The Witch and the Warlock
  11. * The Shelving
  12. * Riddled With Errors
  13. Prologue
  14. The Last Dance
  15. Of Potions and Pimples
  16. Possession With Intent
  17. The Glamour-ous Life of a Slave
  18. * A Fairy Bad Deal
  19. * The Di-Lemma Dilemma
  20. Tricks of the Trade
  21. Diminishing Returns
  22. A Rock and a Hard Place
  23. * Iola Special!
  24. The Choosing One

God, there’s a lot of these. As a result, the ranking contains a lot of arbitrary choices, even more than usual.

1-6 are really great ones (and mostly because of plot or character moments; “Harping” is sort of the canonical no-flaws version of the standard story). 7-16 are more-or-less standard (“The Shelving” has great arc and character moments but loses points for having such an obviously tacked-on conflict). 17-20 are the standard story too but with enough flaws to damage them noticably; 21-24 are ones I actually don’t like.

(You may notice “Sucker For a Good Book” and “The Choosing One” are literally at opposite ends of the list. My answer to that is FUCK CANON HEROIC HUMAN!BREA FOREVER ;P )

Thank you for all the work you’ve put into these reviews! I really appreciate it, and I’ve enjoyed them immensely. <3