Incoming Captions!

My Patreon just hit a new milestone! So starting today, I’ll be reposting previously Patreon-exclusive captions here! Captions will still appear on the Patreon first, and will not come to Tumblr until ONE YEAR later, but they’ll get here eventually!

But if you’re impatient and want them all now, head on over to the Patreon! $2/story (generally $4/mo, never more than $8/mo) gets you access to monthly captions–originally one a month, then two, and now three per month! Just a dollar more per story (max $12/mo) gets you all of those, PLUS access to weekly captions!

Right now, I have captions going back to September 2016, so I’ll be posting these every day until I get to captions that are a year old! After that, I’ll post them whenever they hit their first birthday. 😉