“It’s okay, sweetie,” Eve cooed, her voice sweet like poisoned honey. “It’s okay, you can tell me anything, you know that. You’ll feel so much better when you admit to what’s bothering you.” Her fingers worked at Ana’s cunt as she spoke, massaging Ana’s throbbing clit with savage intensity that belied her calm expression. “Just let it all out, tell me everything, and you’ll feel so much better. I promise.”

Ana held her tongue for as long as she could, but her frustration and exhaustion finally came out in a desperate choking sob as she wailed, “I need to come! I need to cum so bad, I’m, I’m so horny…oh God, it’s been… it’s been…” She struggled to process the passage of time, the windowless room and the lack of routine confounding her sleep-starved brain. She didn’t know how many times she’d slipped from trance to sleep or sleep to trance, she didn’t know how long it had been between meals. She’d lost track of the number of times they’d untied her to let her use the bathroom. Even the brainwashing sessions happened at random intervals. Ana couldn’t help being astonished at how quickly her life before Eve’s ‘treatment’ had become a hazy memory.

“I know, darling girl,” Eve purred, interrupting Ana’s words and thoughts with a gentle kiss on the lips. There was nothing harsh or cruel about Eve, nothing to use as a focus for resistance. She drugged Ana’s food, relentlessly teased her body with pleasure, left her helpless and groggy, but she was always unfailingly sweet and kind about it. “I know. It’s okay. Don’t you feel better admitting that, poppet?” Despite herself, Ana nodded.

Eve’s fingers kept working as she talked, pumping deep into Ana’s soaking cunt. Ana couldn’t remember the last time she hadn’t been wet. “But we both know why that is,” Eve whispered softly into Ana’s ears, “don’t we, pet? It’s because you’re not mine yet. Deep down, there’s still a part of you that refuses to be my slave. Even after all the suggestions, all the hypnosis, all the drugs, there’s just that one tiny bit of you left that doesn’t want to surrender to me. And we both know that you can only cum…” She trailed off, waiting for Ana to finish the sentence.

Helplessly, Ana heard herself murmur the words that had been embedded deep into her mind by countless sessions of staring blankly at Eve’s spiral and letting her mind go into a fog of obedience and lust. “I can only cum when I belong to Mistress completely.” She wished she didn’t know how wet it made her to mindlessly repeat her mantras, but the sound of Eve’s fingers sloshing through the musk of Ana’s arousal didn’t lie. Being brainwashed made her horny now. And being horny made her vulnerable to Eve’s brainwashing.

“That’s right, pretty girl,” Eve said, nuzzling Ana’s neck in a way that made Ana’s cunt clench instinctively around Eve’s invading hand. “You can’t cum unless you belong to Mistress. That’s what you’ve been thinking, isn’t it?” Ana nodded. She couldn’t lie to Eve, not anymore. “But maybe you’ve been thinking about it all wrong, pet. Maybe it’s not that you can’t cum unless you belong to Mistress.” Her fingers kept moving, covered in Ana’s musk every time they withdrew. “Maybe you can cum…as soon as you belong to Mistress Eve. Doesn’t that sound so much better? Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful goal? All you need to do is get rid of that last little annoying part of your mind that wants to struggle…and you can cum. You can cum for Mistress. You can cum…for Mistress. You can…cum for Mistress. Cum for Mistress. Cum for Mistress. Cum. For Mistress.”

Ana heard herself inhale, a deep and powerful gasp of pure pleasure. But it was slave that finally moaned in release.

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