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Mindy groaned, trying to fight it, but it just felt too good. With every
thrust of the geek’s cock, her mind exploded in pleasure, new thoughts
and feelings swirling through it, burning themselves into her brain,

She’d just been minding her own business, sunbathing on the quad, when she felt cloth hit her back. It felt… tingly, she remembered, and by the time she’d turned over and taken it in her hands she knew she wanted it touching as much of her skin as possible. It turned out to be a t-shirt, which she eagerly pulled on over her bikini top without reading what it said.

It had felt so good, she’d barely looked at the guy who led her away. She vaguely recognized him, though–some science nerd or something. Chemistry, maybe?

He thrust his full length deep into her, and then pulled back out almost all the way. She could feel her thoughts shifting, changing. She couldn’t  remember why she’d liked being a cheerleader so much, or what was so great about going clubbing. Big, musclebound hunks weren’t as interesting as someone smart, academically accomplished, and possessed of an encyclopedic knowledge of Battlestar Galactica. He thrust into her again, and her vocabulary changed, fashion terms and workout routines wiped away to make room for everything she needed to understand a journal article about organic chemistry.

“God…” moaned Melinda. “It’s like you’re fucking my brains in!” But it was more than that. He wasn’t just changing her intelligence, but her interests, her preferences, even her hair color was shifting from platinum blonde to red.

The last of her original bimbo self rallied, trying to focus on the pleasure of sex, enjoy one last time.

Then she came, and came, and came, and Mindy was gone forever.

Melinda smiled up at her lover, her maker, her master, her precious genius. “How about you explain to me how you figured out what compounds to dope the shirt with, and then I suck you off while you play WoW?”

Pictured: Natalie Lust

Source: Can We Work Something Out? (link is to purchase page for porn video)