So perhaps… I might be writing a book for the hypnosis community. About brainwashing/conditioning.

Since I posted part 1 of my “handy how-to guide on brainwashing your partner” a year or two ago, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about if I’m doing a part 2, or if I could write more on the subject.

Recently I’ve been working on making a class on the topic to present at hypnosis events. Class building is going phenomenally, and I think it will be absolutely stellar; this is a subject I’m extremely passionate about and have a good deal of experience with. But I kept joking, “Fuck, there is way too much material to fit into an hour and a half. I should just write a book. All the cool people write books.”

So the other night, I sat down, and started writing, saying to myself, “Maybe I’ll just pretend to write a book, and see how far that gets me.”

Yesterday I hit 7k words into “pretending” to write the first draft, and I am barely finished with the first segment of part 1. The material I have outlined will easily hit 30k or more.

That’s a book.


Keep your eyes out, hypnosis community. Maybe someday I’ll pretend to publish it.

(AND, if anyone has any input on what you would want to see in an instructional book about brainwashing, my inbox / replies / reblogs are open.)

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Fantastic! I look forward to it, on such a day as it becomes available.