Executive Restructuring

By Chaos Doll

“No one will take you serious if you dress like that.”

Those were the words that Catherine had blurted out to the young gothic girl that served her coffee during today’s lunch meeting. Those were the words that now echoed through Catherine’s mind as she sat on the floor confused.

Catherine had started off her day as an intelligent and highly successful executive at one of the city’s top financial firms, but by the time she got home from work all that had changed.

Gone were her designer clothes and upscale furnishings, replaced with absurd latex outfits, cartoon themed pajamas and cheap leather furniture that only an edgy coed would pick out.

Even the pantsuit she’d worn to work that day seemed to morph on her body as she entered the apartment, changing into a tight white corset layered over a frilly pink skirt and a pink push-up bra.

She spotted a cheap Hello Kitty hand mirror nearby and picked it up, trying to see what was happening to her, her eyes glazed over as she caught her own reflection. Her memories began rewriting themselves as her physical features continued to change.

Her hair unraveled from it’s tight woven bun to cascade around her shoulders. She licked her lips, her lipstick suddenly tasting of strawberries as her makeup seemed to become heavier and less professional looking.

Her tits filled out before her very eyes, looking less natural with each passing second. The rest of her featured grew softer and less defined as the years appeared to fall away. The thirty year old now looking barely old enough for college.

Her pussy started to get wet and a playful smirk crossed her lips as reality began to come back into focus. She hugged her favorite stuffy close to her as she sat the mirror down on the floor.

“No one will take you serious if you dress like that.”

What did those stupid business people know anyways? Kitty was super sexy and all sorts of boys took her like super duper serious, thats how come they bought her all this cool stuff, even her sexy boobies!

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