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Oh, you canNOT just leave it at that!

See, back in the 90s, Marvel and DC co-published limited series called DC vs Marvel in which it turned out that the two universe were *literally* fighting each other. Like, the *Marvel universe itself* was punching the DC universe and vice versa. This resulted in a massive crossover where a bunch of DC characters and Marvel characters fought one-on-one battles with the outcome voted on by readers, called either DC vs Marvel or Marvel vs DC depending on which company published that issue, with the losing universe to be destroyed.

The absolute best part without question was when Thor lost his hammer while fighting Captain Marvel (the DC one), and then WONDER WOMAN picked it up and GAINED THE POWER OF THOR and this sick armor that combined elements of both their costumes… and then tossed it aside ahead of her fight with Storm because it would be an unfair advantage.

Anyway, partway through the series, both universe were partially destroyed and had to be fused to save them. Then with great difficulty the heroes separated them out again and Access (who was created for this series) was tasked to keep them apart.

But between the issue where the universes were merged and the end, DC and Marvel created a joint temporary imprint called Amalgam Comics that published two waves of comics set in the hybrid universe. Highlights included Super Soldier (Superman/Captain America), Lobo the Duck (Lobo/Howard the Duck), and Dark Claw Adventures (an all ages comic that combined Batman: The Animated Series and Wolverine from the 90s X-Men cartoon).