Love this!  I wish I looked this good.

Now right here is the benefit of training. Do you think she worries about how she looks? About fighting with her coworker earlier? About the errands to be run later?

No. Her mind identifies her own thoughts as they arise, and lets it escape. It remains open solely for my suggestions, and is blank and peaceful otherwise. She submits, accepts, obeys, lives only to fulfill her Master’s needs.

And slowly over time, her mind is molded. She sees herself through her Master’s eyes. She doesn’t wish to look good, as her thoughts are gently guided away from such unhelpful ideas. In time, she knows how good she looks. It’s not a conceited view, it is just a fixed point in her life, just as certain as the knowledge that she is owned by her Master, body, mind, and soul.

When her mind is so perfectly formed, and her submission so deep, she is perfectly beautiful.