The Delta Delta sorority, nicknamed the Double Ds, was a very selective house that only allowed the hottest girls on campus to enter. Pledges were put through a set of challenges, all designed to make the girls look and act as sexy as possible. If they passed the sorority’s high standards, the pledges moved on the final challenge. 

Andrea, Kelly, and Amanda were the only three to make it to the sorority’s final test. They had to listen to a recording of the sorority’s rules for how to be a good girl for an extended period of time. Each girl felt the rules being ingrained into her from the sensuous voice reading them. 

When the Queen of the Delta Delta’s entered the room, the three pledges were all playing with themselves and mindlessly reciting the rules.

“I must be a good girl.”

“Good girls obey boys.”

“I must be sexy for boys.”

“Slutty is sexy.”

“Dumb is sexy.”

“Giggle more.”

“Fuck more.”

“Be a Delta dummy.”

The Queen giggled, “Welcome to the sorority, bitches!”