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This day in MC history:

October 21, 1966. The world is changing.
Free love is on the rise, while a third nuclear power is about reveal
itself to the world. The U.S. and Russia are in the midst of racing to
the moon, while the Vietnam War rages on.

And one clever researcher, Dr. Edward Q. White, invents the White Room. Primitive by today’s standards, his device was entirely analog, projecting two colors of light through hidden slits to create the swirling, crisscrossing spirals, while a record player just outside the room played subliminal-laden white noise.

According to Dr. White, the subject–a university student known only as Subject 19–soon “ recovered from her stubborn fixation on silly boys and women’s lib-derived notions of feminine independence and superiority, increasingly embracing over a series of three-hour sessions more appropriate attitudes and desires.”

His records then quote Subject 19’s observations on her experience: “It was groovy! the lights made me dizzy at the beginning, but then I relaxed and all the silly ideas in my head crumbled away. Doc White made me feel so good! And now that all those bad thoughts are gone, there’s nothing in the way of the really good ideas I have about how to thank him…”

Model: Mickey Jines

Photographer: Unknown (possibly a still or publicity photo from the movie Orgy of the Dead?)