Prompt: drugs and male domination.

The wine was good. The first glass went down easy and the second easier. It wasn’t the first business trip where a client had invited me to a local prestige restaurant and tried to get me drunk. Men, it’s their go-to move too often.

It’s predictable.

”I have a two glass maximum, ” I explained, adding that I don’t mix business and pleasure.

He nodded then offered to get me a Pepsi. I changed that to Diet Pepsi and he ordered one while I went to wash my hands after dinner.

The soda was a good stop to the liquor and let me keep drinking something as we talked over the particulars of our sales agreement. Ironing out the details in a more relaxed setting was often the best way to cement a deal.

By the time the check came, I was starting to feel the length of the workday. I noticed myself yawning more and lights in the restaurant were starting to give me a headache. I couldn’t wait for my hotel bed. We stepped outside the restaurant and I pulled my phone out of my purse to hail a Lyft.

”You want me to drive you to your hotel,” my dining companion said. I blinked as I turned to look at him. I did not, I wanted to go to the hotel and to bed. Yet the moment he said it my brain embraced the idea.

Putting my phone away I nodded, ”Yeah.”

Agreeing felt good after a long day. I agreed, even more, when he said, ”Follow me and smile. You are having a great time.”

I smiled. I was having a great time.

I sunk into the leather of his car’s rear seat. He put two earbuds in my hand and started a playlist on an old iPod, telling me to listen to it. I lay down as he drove listening to another man’s voice explaining that I needed to obey. Men were superior and that I craved cock.

Everything made so much sense. I smiled as I agreed. It felt good to agree.

Finally, I got to lay on a bed. Now my eyes felt so heavy, and I could barely listen to him explain that when I woke up my mind would be forever altered to be submissive and obedient.

I smiled as I drifted off. A warm happiness filling my body as my thoughts left my head.