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As soon as he caught her gaze, she
knew she was in trouble.

Oh god, it’s him! The Editor!

I have to look away, they
say as long as you
look in his eyes he can edit your

I can’t look away! But I
can still

Okay, stay calm. They say he can
delete stuff from your thoughts, that’s all. So I just have to stick to
thoughts he can’t easily twist against me.

Yes, thoughts like
I will not stay quiet while you edit my

I will not stop

But… I don’t
want you to control my thoughts.

Oh god, I do… but I’m not your slave…

I am… but I don’t like the idea…

Okay, I do, but
I’m not a sub, I don’t get turned on by
being under your control…

I do, oh god, it’s so hot,
but it ruins it
to know you made me feel this way…

I want to feel
pleasure just from pleasing you…

I want to have no
choice but to obey you…

Oh god, I want to
surrender my free will…

I’m yours.

She continued to stare in awe even
after he released her. “Master…” she breathed. “How can I
serve you?”

Model: Devon Jade

Photographer: Aaron Tyree