Alyssa stared at her bed, piled high with a smattering of skirts, tanktops, bikinis, thongs — outfits she would never wear a million years. They were too revealing, too inappropriate, too… too… slutty.

But there was a reason she had ordered all of it — a reason that became clear the moment Alyssa clasped the collar around her neck.

Like a shock to her brain, Alyssa suddenly saw the clothes for what they really were — what she had hoped for the whole time. They were fun! And sexy. And, yeah, they were slutty, too. But just right amount of slutty.

And if they were too revealing or too inappropriate, well, wasn’t that the whole point?

Like a woman possessed, she tried on outfit after outfit — complete with selfie after selfie, flooding her previously subdued insta feed with sexy pics of perky tits and pouty lips.

And once she was done, Alyssa capped it all off by picking up her phone and sending a single text.

“So, what do you think Master?”