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When they first put the headphones on her head, she’d fought and
struggled. They’d had to tie her down to keep her from taking them off,
and for hours she’d resisted the insidious whispers of subliminal
programming pouring into her ears.

In the end, however, she’d broken down and obeyed. They all did.

When they were done with her, they released her back into the wild, her memory wiped but her programming intact.

By the time she returned a week later, she’d died her hair, gotten contacts, changed her lipstick. And this time she wore the headphones gladly, sitting patiently while they reprogrammed her.

That was a year ago. Every weekend since, she’s left her job, her home, her friends, and come to a location burned into her subconscious, where she puts on the headphones, lets the programming once again take over her brain, and serves her Master.

By now, she doesn’t even notice that they don’t bother plugging in the headphones anymore…

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