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“Finally alone,” I said to the lovely young thing I’d found at the club.
She was a clever, willful one, and it had been noisy in there. It’d
taken all my skill to plant in her head that she wanted to go somewhere
quieter with me. “Somewhere more peaceful, where we can just relax…”

She smiled back. “That’d be nice, wouldn’t it? It’s so stressful, out there in the world.”

“Yes,” I agreed. “But in here we can breathe deep, let our bodies relax…”

“Just gaze into each other’s eyes and let the rest of the world fall away…”

I blinked rapidly. Wait a second… “Are you… trying an induction?”

A lazy smile crossed her face. “Been working on you all night,” she said.

Interesting. “So you’re a hypnotist too,” I said, taking her hand and stroking it gently. “You know how powerful hypnotism can be.”

“Oh yes,” she agreed. “It’s irresistable, that pull that makes you feel so very heavy, but you know you have to keep your eyes open, have to struggle to stay awake no matter how hard it is…”

And I was struggling! Oh, she was good. “Yes, it is such a struggle, hypnosis is so powerful but so difficult, so tiring, so much easier to just relax…”

“But I know what you do, and that keeps me alert,” she said. “While you must be so curious about me, knowing that the only way to sate that curiosity is to just let go…”

“You know me,” I said. “I took someone you loved, didn’t I? You want to tell me, don’t you, you’ve dreamed of finding me and telling me why you’re doing it.”

“My sister,” she said. “You took my sister.”

“And you’ve been hunting me all this time. Learned hypnosis so you could challenge me at my own game, try to win her back.”

“Yes,” she said, and I knew I had her. She opened her mouth to say more, but I interrupted her.

“You must hate me so much. You obsessed over me, didn’t you? Devoted your life to finding me.”

“Yes…” she said, a bit more hesitantly.

“Your every thought bent on me. Focused on me. Desperate to find me, needing to find me.”


“You want to be with your sister. You want her to be happy. And she is happy, so very happy. You could know that bliss as well. You could be with your sister. It’s so easy. You’ve found me, like you wanted. Now you can just relax, you’ll be with her soon…”

As I took her down through the induction and began the process of breaking her will, I considered the possibilities. She was definitely a keeper–her looks alone made her a prize, and once I figured out which of my slaves was her sister, there were all kinds of possibilities there.

But that was nothing compared to the world of possibilities that having a hypnotist as a slave could bring me. The places she could go that I couldn’t! The women who could never trust a man enough to be trapped by me, but would let their guard down around her!

Yes, this was going to be fun…

Model: Kriss175

Photographer: Oleg Gekman