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Jenny used to hate the idea of sucking cock.

Then one day she’d realized she really, really wanted to give her boyfriend a blowjob. It wasn’t that it she hated the idea any less, she just felt a strong urge. Suspiciously strong.

But after a drink or two with him, she realized there wasn’t anything suspicious at all, so she did it–and loved it! Pretty soon she was sucking his cock every chance  she could get. His cum just tasted so amazing!

Before long she realized she didn’t just love his cum,  she needed it. She was addicted! And she wasn’t dumb,  she knew that wasn’t normal. His cum must be special somehow. He’d fed it to her, probably in drinks, and then once she was addicted enough she’d needed to get it from the source.

She smiled as he sprayed delicious cum all over her face and tits. Once he was done, she eagerly began gathering it up on her fingers, licking it off and  moaning  at that wonderful, wonderful taste.

She wondered sometimes if she should tell him she knew what he’d done. But then he might be upset and cut off her cum supply, like he’d done that time she’d refused to let him cum on her face instead of in her mouth.

No, best to smile and suck and obey, and neve rlet on that she knew what he’d done to her…

Model: Ariana Marie

Photographer: Unknown