A showoff. That’s what he called her. Nothing but a fucking showoff. She had laughed at him. So what if she was? What was he going to do about it?
She was still laughing when the Siren went off. Her laughter faded as the Siren quieted her thoughts and dulled her mind.
It was his turn to laugh.
“That’s right. You’re a showoff. A fucking little showoff who just can’t help herself. Nothing is more hot then showing off. You love it.”

It took a moment to come back to herself. She felt different. Not worse, but something had definitely changed. Still, less than a minute had passed. What could change in a minute? He was still there, though he did have that weird grin. Where was she? Oh yeah. “What are you going to do about it?”

That grin again. “Nothing at all. If you want to show off what you got, I won’t argue.”

Well then. That was alright. Everyone knew she was a show off. She loved it. It was her favorite thing. “Okay then. What do you wanna see?”

She hesitated. There it was again, that feeling that something was different. Off. But, she did ask. And she did love showing off. She took her shirt off slowly, trying to figure out what felt so wrong. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but as soon as she unsnapped her bra and pushed her chest out she felt such a rush. A thrill like she’d never known blew through her mind, removing any worry or doubt. “You like what you see?” she asked. He nodded, a huge grin on his face.

“Show me more. Show me everything.”
She could do that. Oh yes. She wanted to show everything off. She loved it. Her skirt came off in an instant, her panties a moment later. With every piece of clothing, she felt more and more amazing. And when she spread herself open for him, God, it was like a thousand orgasms rolling through her mind. Yes. She was such a fucking showoff. She couldn’t wait for him to ask to show off her skills at fucking. She was gonna blow his mind… .