She’d told him a hundred times.  Her name was Bonny, not Bunny.  He’d laughed and apologized.  When he brought her the ears, she’d been annoyed.  But, he’d promised to stop calling her Bunny if she just put them on for him.  Just once.  What could it hurt?  

She felt different the moment she’d put them on.  A little more relaxed, a little more open…

“Are you a happy bunny?” he asked?  

oh yes. She smiled.  She was very happy.

“Are you a dumb bunny?” he asked?  

she felt a small *pop* between her ears.  For a brief moment she felt as if something important had been lost.  But with another *pop* she forgot all about it.  Yes.  she was a happy, dumb bunny.   

“Are you a horny bunny?”  

oh!  Oh yes.  she could feel her nipples tighten and strain against her bra as a wet spot appeared in her panties.  Yes, she was a very horny bunny.

“You’re my little fuck Bunny now.”   

He said it with absolute certainty.  Fuck Bunny.  That was her. She was Fuck Bunny and she belonged entirely to Him.