Mary couldn’t keep still. She just felt good. Like there was something warm and fun and joyful running through her veins, shimmering pleasantly inside her. She felt full of life, vigor, and happiness.

And horniness, too. She couldn’t deny that. The warmth coursing through her was definitely pooling in her pussy, in the most wonderful, squirm-inducing way.

Her hips swayed back and forth, and she smiled. The guy in her doorway was just so cute. He was watching her wriggle with a smug smile on his face, and everything about having him there made her fell oh so very fucking nice. Everything in the world was just delicious in that moment.

He crooked a finger at her, and Mary moved closer to him. She had to step carefully to not trip on the clothes she’d shed at the door. God, stripping for him – right there, with the door wide open, in full view of anybody who might have walked by! – had felt unbelievable. Shedding her clothes had been like shedding her inhibitions. She felt great now – sexy, free.

She pressed herself against him now, hips writhing against his thigh. He let one hand explore her body, running possessively down her side, cupping her ass firmly. His other hand had something in it – some little metal gadget with wires all coming off it, making a quiet, high noise. Mary didn’t care about that. She felt too good to care.

He walked into her apartment, keeping her squeezed against him as he did. He sat down on her couch, gently pushing her towards the floor as he did. Mary loved how it felt to be guided to her knees in front of him. The front door was still open, she realized, but who cared? 

He pushed aside some books and stuff on the coffee table. Mary vaguely remembered doing some intense studying when the doorbell rang. That didn’t matter. What mattered was the cock he was pulling out of his pants. The cock he was moving her head towards, with a firm grip in her hair.

Mary got to work sucking it, and nothing had ever felt better. He set down his weird little gadget on the table near her, and it continued making its little noise. Mary didn’t mind at all. Everything felt fucking fantastic. She let her brain turn off and just enjoyed.