How did I end up like this?

Good question.

I used to be a waitress at an upscale restaurant. Sure we wore shorter skirts than nessicary and tight black blouses. Tips often were tied to how much clevage we were willing to display but it was certainly not a Hooters. It was the kind of place that business people could eat at without HR getting mad.

I was finishing up my shift when I noticed a woman in a booth taking to a dazed looking man. They had been there for awhile but I hadn’t seen anyone take their order. So I approached.

The man was staring very intently at the woman’s chest. Insultingly so. He kept at it when I approached. She kept talking, glancing at me without stopping her patter.

“And as you stare you sink more deeply, gazing down into the darkness of my shirt. Trying to steal a glance but seeing only darkness as you imagine my heavy chest and watch my breasts rise and fall as I breath deeply and you sink more.”

She emphasized some words. Like heavy and relax. Sink. I couldn’t help but glance at her large breasts. They were large and they did rise and fall just like she said. I took a breath and forced myself to look away.

“Can…” I began and she held up a finger to silence me.

Not sure what to do I was quiet, waiting for her to finish whatever she was talking about.

“And as you listen to my voice you can let yourself relax. It’s been a long day and you want to take a moment to relax. Focus on my voice and let your thoughts and worries drift away. Focus on my voice and think of nothing but how heavy you feel and how much you want to just sit down and relax staring deeply into my eyes.”

She had lovely green eyes. I felt heavy and if she was going to be awhile I figured I might as well sit down.

Next to the man.

Staring dazedly st the woman with the beautiful green eyes.

After my shift I was heading out to my car when I heard a voice. I turned and saw those eyes. Green and beautiful. I would give her a ride. That would be good customer service. I could let her drive so that I could sleep, I was so sleepy.

So sleepy.

Sinking deeply now.

I learned about hypnosis then. How it can help you to relax. Help you to sink. It helped me realize that Mistress is all.

You have nice eyes. People always say mine are deep and brown. Mistress taught me to use them. She likes me to dress like this, like her pet. Her bunny.

Her hypno bunny.

Nice deep eyes. Just keep sinking. Good boy. It makes me hot how deeply you’re sinking. Not for me. For Mistress. She will be pleased.

Relax. You will please her all you need to do is sleep.