My hand twitches at my side and I look at it, it’s betraying me already. The man grins a smug grin at my hand’s naughtiness.

“See you were hypnotized and when your hand touches your forehead you’ll drop back into a deep trance and obey me totally,” he says. His friends laugh.

“No that’s not true,” I say, lacking the confidence of a few moments ago. My hand is drifting up now and try as I might I can’t get it to lower back down.

I try to remember when he might have hypnotized me. I was on my way back to my friends, when I bumped into this guy. He apologized and shook my hand, saying his name. Then he kept shaking my hand, up and down and up and down. It went on an awkwardly long time.

Next thing I know his friends are smirking at me and he’s not declared that he had hypnotized me. It’s a load of bullshit, but then again my hand is rising. Up and up.

It’s interesting watching it float up. I feel a calmness washing over me. A peace as if it’s inevitable that it will touch my forehead and I’ll be hypnotized. I don’t even notice the smug guy telling his friends that he’s going to have me lead him back to where my friends are so he can hypnotize them for his pals.

It’s a nice day. My hand is floating. I’m sinking.

It’s at eye level now. It’s going to hypnotize me. I’m going to fall asleep soon. I’m going to relax and fall….

The hand touches my forehead and I sigh, closing my eyes. The warm sun on my body.

I am hypnotized.

For you.