Molly grew up as the quintessential Harry Potter nerd. He parents took her to every book release. She played intramural Quidditch at college. She had long-winded opinions about Pottermore quizzes. Dating her meant seeing every Daniel Radcliff and Emma Watson movie twice.

She eventually grew out of her ‘call me Hermoine’ phase, but her fangirl habits never quite faded. Her vanity mirror had Expecto Patronum painted across the top. She’d say Lumos when she turned on the lights. She’d grunt Alohomora when trying to open a stuck lid. She’d yell Accio Coke! from the couch when she wanted me to get her a soda while I was in the kitchen.


And she loved it when I pinned her arms to the mattress and whispered Imperio in her ear.

Photo is from Kay Bear’s cosplay photosets.