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Katy’d been a good girl once. Not a lot of people remembered that she
got her start singing Christian music. Most days, she had trouble
remembering it herself.

But it was true. She’d been religious, straitlaced, saving herself for marriage. But as she became more popular, her manager started feeling out of his league, and recommended she change to someone bigger.

She’d interviewed with a new manager, and hadn’t liked him at first. But then she’d seen the light.

The first time he showed it to her, she’d agreed to let him manage her.

The next time, he explained that since he was the manager, she should do what he said. She hadn’t liked that idea… but then she’d seen the light.

Then he wanted her to switch to mainstream pop. She didn’t like that idea either… until she saw the light.

Her career continued. She balked at risque lyrics and skimpy costumes, but her manager made sure she saw the light. She was hesitant to pose half (or more than half!) naked for magazines, but her manager made sure she saw the light.

Bit by bit, he’d persuaded her to change her music, her style, her way of looking at the world, and now she was one of the most lusted-after women in the world.

Now her manager wanted her to train with him to become an expert lover, so that he could start renting her out to the richest of the men that wanted her. It was a disgusting, awful idea, and she said so. He deserved to be fired for suggesting it, and she said that, too.

But then he’d shown her the light again. It filled her vision and her brain, crowding out her thoughts, leaving no room for anything but his words, which made perfect sense now that she’d seen the light.

Model: Katy Perry

Photographer: Bob Chamberlin

Source: Los Angeles Times