Jenny really hoped that Brad was paying close attention–she knew that it was going to be her tongue that made him cum, no matter what Ashley was doing with that sloppy licking around the head of his cock, but she was really worried that if he wasn’t watching carefully when she licked all the way up his shaft that he might get confused about who got him off. And he’d already told them that only one of them was going to get to be his permanent slave.

She couldn’t really tell what he was doing, though, because it was so hard to stop staring at his dick. Every second she licked and nuzzled at him, she got more and more into it, until even Ashley’s face practically touching her didn’t really register. She couldn’t even look out of the corner of her eye to see what Brad was doing–it was probably something with that weird flashlight he was showing them earlier, the one that looked like something out of an old Flash Gordon cartoon that he said was a “mind control ray”. As if he’d need one with a cock like that.

Jenny felt it twitch under her fingers, and she upped the pace of her licking to a furious intensity. Her tongue flicked back and forth across his frenulum as she pressed her lips to it and moaned loudly, her mouth vibrating with the sound of her own arousal. She didn’t even have to try to make the moan low and sexy; her whole body had become so sensitive that every time she licked B-Br… Master’s cock it felt like she was diddling her own clit. She wondered what would happen when he came. There was a distant memory in her head, of Master telling her she would feel everything he felt, but thoughts of Master’s words were simply swamped by pleasure at the thought of Master’s cock.

Ashley was licking just as fast, though, her tongue working over and around the head of Master’s cock with desperate eagerness. Jenny tried her best to outdo Ashley’s tongue; she knew she needed to belong to Master, needed it with every fiber of her being, and she couldn’t imagine losing to Ashley on this. It would be heartbreaking to be denied the opportunity to tongue-fuck Master every single day, sucking and licking and fondling that perfect shaft, and she knew that she had to be his slave. She simply had to be. She gave him a gentle tug with her fingers, even though it was strictly speaking a little unfair to involve her hands, hoping to push him over the edge into climax…

And then it was there. He was spurting hot, sticky jets of cum all over her face and Ashley’s face and it tasted so fantastic, so warm and wonderful that she couldn’t stop herself from licking every last drop that she could get off of Master’s cock and Ashley’s face and Ashley’s lips and everywhere it had splashed until finally she gave Ashley a long, soul-deep French kiss to get at the semen that Ashley had licked off of her. Then she just found herself kissing Ashley a lot. Because for the moment, at least, they were Master’s slaves together and Jenny loved everything that Master loved.

That must have made Master very happy, because he didn’t break their passionate embrace until his cock was hard again. “I’ve made my decision,” he said, smiling warmly at them. “I’ve decided…to keep both of you.” Both girls cheered, their eyes bright with ecstasy. “So long as you keep getting along and working together to please me. Do you think you can do that?”

Both girls nodded in unison. Then, since actions spoke louder than words, they both bent down and began to lick his cock all over again.

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