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Mia had known for a long time that her best friend wanted to be more.
More than once, she’d caught the way Meg looked at her when she thought
Mia wasn’t looking. But Mia just didn’t swing that way, and Meg didn’t
press the issue.

Until now. They’d just been sitting there when Meg suddenly pounced on Mia. Mia had been about to shove her off when Meg did… something with her hands, under Mia’s clothes. Something that felt amazing.

Soon Mia was squirming under Meg, her clothes half off. Sometimes she half-heartedly tried to twist away or push Meg off, but Meg’s fingers danced over her body, Meg’s lips nibbled and sucked, and Mia just couldn’t quite bring herself to make it stop. Meg knew Mia’s body than any man she’d ever been with, playing her like a musical instrument, and it was getting harder and harder to care. Her pussy dripped with excitement, her hands itched to feel warm skin.

Then the door opened. Even that wasn’t enough to motivate Mia to push Meg away, but it caught her attention. She looked up to see a man entering the room.

“Who..?” she managed to get out, then gasped as Meg gently bit her ear.

“That’s the man who taught me how to do this,” Meg whispered.

“Yes,” said the man. “I had intended Meg to be just a quick plaything. I didn’t realize her, uh, orientation would make her such a challenge. Not that it would have mattered. I’m sure you’ve realized that incompatible orientation is no obstacle to this.”

Meg’s hand danced over Mia’s breast while the other held her hand, complicated patterns of squeezing and stroking that sent pulses of relaxation up her arm and into her brain. But it was Meg’s lips at her neck that made Mia groan out loud.

The man smiled. “Precisely. But still, a greater level of effort than I would normally put into a catch-and-release. But Meg proposed a different relation when she realized what I could do. Isn’t that right, apprentice?”

“Yes, Master,” said Meg. She whispered again into Mia’s ear. “I agreed to be his, and in exchange… I get you.”

“No,” Mia moaned desperately.

“Oh yes,” said the man. The bedsprings squeaked as they took his weight in addition to the two girls. “Meg has learned quickly, but I assure you, she’s nowhere near my skill level. You can’t hold out against both of us.”

Meg smiled happily. Serving her Master was a small price for being with the woman she loved. They would serve him together.

Models: Saerithi and FirehawkCosplay

Photographer: Makina Valross