It was my worst nightmare. John and I had finally achieved time travel only to discover that the future was a misogynist dystopia where all women have been transformed into mindless bimbos by some kind of viral pandemic. 

Upon returning to the present, I felt like it was my duty to warn people. I was confident that we could come up with a vaccine or some way to stop this from happening. The only problem was, that when I approached John about it, he seemed hesitant. 

“I don’t know, Virginia. Was it really so bad?” John asked

“Are you serious? Did you see those girls?!”

“I did. They seemed happy; fulfilled.“ 

“John, that’s absurd.” I couldn’t believe what he was saying. I was beyond livid. “They were basically silicone-filled, mindless sex zombies.”

John paused and looked at me. ”I’m sorry you feel that way, Virginia,” He glanced back at his notes, “because I discovered something in the future that you may not want to know.” 

John pulled up some research data on the projector. The information was from a study called “Code: Virginia”. It looked to be funded by something called Improve U Incorporated. I was shocked to see that John had been working with another lab behind my back.

“You see, Virginia, I’ve been working on a bio-organic agent that would alter the genetic coding of the subject. The B-Virus takes over the subject’s cell functions. In this case, the virus genome promotes cell growth in subject’s breasts while attacking her brain cells.”

“But… why is it named after me?” I was almost certain that I didn’t want to know the answer to my question. 

“Well, I suppose there’s no point in keeping any more secrets.” John began to approach me with a loaded jet injector. "The time travel research was mostly just a means to keep you distracted. It did, however, allow me to ensure that my virus would have the intended effect on the population.“ 

“Virginia, you are actually ‘Subject 0’ of this experiment.” He showed me the profile on me that documented my exposure to the virus.  "I started by slowly contaminating your water with the B-Virus, but now that I know it will achieve our desired results, we can use a more ‘direct’ method.“

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. John had played me for a fool. Everything I had thought I was working for was a lie. I turned to run but John grabbed me and injected what I could only assume was a stronger dose of the virus into my bloodstream. 

My body felt like it was fire. The images of what we saw in the future flashed through my mind. Bimbos. Dumb girls with over-inflated tits. Ditzy airheads giggling and playing with each other. I was terrified. I realized that I was about to be the catalyst for this happening to women everywhere. 


And then, out of nowhere, the idea kind of made me hot. I was going to help John make every girl a sexy bimbo. I was going to be a sexy bimbo. I could already feel my boobs growing, too. Teehee, since when did I call my titties “boobs”? The virus was making me a dummy! But, I’m not a dummy; I’m Dr. Virginia Connors… ew, what a yucky name…. I’m Ginny! 

Ginny’s brain felt super tingly now but my boobies are sooooo big. I’m so happy Dr. J decided make Ginny so sexy. Now, Ginny can help him make more bimbos!

"Hi Dr. J! Wanna, like, play with Ginny’s titties?”

I… the…

Did the time travel technology involve microbio somehow? Like… why would John be involved in time travel research if his area of expertise were creating viruses? Or involved in virus research if his area of expertise were temporal physics?

I know. I’m overthinking it.

…if only there were some kind of virus that could make me stop doing that…