“I told you,” Darcy said in between kitten licks, her drawl getting thicker as her arousal built, “I got a magic tongue. Once I get between a gal’s legs, well, that gal ain’t gonna be straight for too much longer. Don’t you worry none, though. I think you’re gonna like it.” She gave Maisie a wicked grin and flicked her tongue back and forth rapidly over Maisie’s throbbing clit. “Aintcha, girl?”

Maisie’s only response was an astonished moan. Her legs spread even wider, her hips strained up to meet every single one of Darcy’s licks as her eyes rolled back in her head and her head lolled back onto the pillow. “Unnnh, I, unnnh!” she gasped, trying to turn the feeling of utter, shocked rapture into words and finding that her head was simply too empty to think them. Every time Darcy’s tongue touched her, whether running up and down the length of her labia or spiking deep into her soaked folds, the pleasure hit her like a physical force and smacked her mind down into vacant bliss.

“Mhmm, that’s right,” Darcy said, interspersing her words with more and more licking as she drove Maisie to new heights of ecstasy. “I didn’t stick with Latin too long in school, so most of the spells in that old book I found don’t work too well. But this one, well… I got the knack of it pretty quick. Guess I got a talented tongue or something.” She giggled. Even her breath felt good against Maisie’s skin.

“The spell gives me power over any gal I go down on, makes her all happy to say and do and think whatever I say.” Darcy ran her magic tongue all over Maisie’s pubic mound, tracing new beliefs and thoughts into Maisie’s dazed and sleepy brain with every pass. “I been using it to get me some nice friendly girls, sell ‘em to some of those society women who love having servants who are real eager to please. If you know what I mean.” Darcy chuckled. “I’d feel bad about it, if I didn’t tell all those gals that doing what they’re told feels just like having my tongue on their clit.”

She matched the words to the action, and Maisie’s whole body shook under the relentless onslaught of pleasure. “But y’know, I got all the money I need, and I’m thinking that I want a girl all to myself for a change. Would you like that, honey child? Would you like to feel this good every time you ate my pussy, and every time you did what I asked?” She leaned in, took Maisie’s clit between her lips, and suckled on it like a baby at her mother’s breast.

Maisie had trouble getting out her response in words. Her strangled, whimpering gasp sounded more like a ‘Ynnnggggggggh!’ than a ‘Yes’ to the untrained ear. But Darcy had years of interpreting mindless moans of pure pleasure under her belt, and she knew exactly what Maisie meant. “That’s about what I thought,” she said, releasing Maisie’s clit with an audible popping sound. “That’s my good girl.” She lay back, shucking her clothing and spreading her legs wide for Maisie to stare at. “Why don’t you just go ahead and start now, huh, pretty girl?”

Maisie scrambled to oblige.

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