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Lexi knelt naked at Master’s feet,
 buoyantly happy. They’d had a great fuck after dinner. She’d pleased
Master, and he’d rewarded her with orgasm after orgasm. Then he had her put her
hair up and get on her knees. He liked that, sometimes, having her just kneel
and look up at him worshipfully, so he could bask in  her adoration and
submission while he did whatever–watching TV, this time.

One year ago tonight, she
remembered. Lexi had been born at the beginning of the year, and would die at
its end in a few minutes, becoming just a strange memory that Alexandrine would
do her best not to dwell on. At least Martin had followed the rules of their

Behind her, Lexi heard someone on
the TV talking about a ball drop. There had been music earlier. Was it New
Year’s? Had she really belonged to Master for an entire year? Keeping track of
time was so hard, since she only ever left the apartment when Master wanted to
show her off.

Alexandrine remained in the back of
her head, watching, even while Lexi spent the year giggling and posing, fucking
and sucking, transforming from day to day into whatever Martin wanted her to
be. If Alexandrine felt, at any time, that she was in any kind of danger, or if
she felt Martin was trying to get Lexi to do something that could have effects
beyond the end of the year–get a tattoo, sign a contract, anything like
that–she could take back control of her body and mind, and just walk away.

Master smiled down at Lexi, and her
heart leapt with joy in response. But she let none of that show on her face;
she knew what expression he liked her to have when she knelt and gazed up at
him, and she was a good girl. Good girls did what Master liked.

Martin never did break the rules. He
kept his side of the deal: on the first day of every month, Alexandrine watched
as ten million dollars was transferred into her account. So yes, this was
slavery and prostitution… but she would walk away with $120 million. She
would never need to work again–and honestly, what job wasn’t a matter of
selling, or at least renting out, your body and mind, usually for a lot less?
And at midnight it would be over, the last job she ever had, and a lifetime of
freedom and luxury would follow.

“Let’s do the countdown
together,” said Master. “10!” he said, and Lexi said, and the
crowd said.

Alexandrine remembered Martin’s New
Year’s party. Remembered agreeing to the terms of their deal, remembered letting
herself be hypnotized.

“9!” everyone said.

She remembered him counting her
down, down deep, down to where he could create slave Lexi


He’d counted her down and brought
her back up, down and up, bouncing her in and out of trance, a little deeper every


Lexi was fading away. This was the
end for her… but why was the sound of the TV fading away, too?


Only two voices now, Martin and
herself, and her own sounded vague, sounded… sleepy.


Down and up, down and up, faster
each time, until all he had to do was count down from ten to one and she went
down, open…


He couldn’t make Alexandrine do
anything. He just made Lexi. It was okay. It was safe. It wasn’t a problem that
she was feeling sleepier and sleepier as his counting filled her head and
everything else faded…


She remembered the first day as
Lexi. Taking back control to make sure she could. The deal was safe. Martin
honored it. It was over now, and even if he tried to keep Lexi she could just
take control and walk away with her money…


She remembered checking her account.
Seeing the money there. $120 million. Reward for service. Service was so


Yes, that first day, a year ago,
when she’d checked her bank account and… and saw the full amount. A mistake,
Martin said. His bank accidentally transferred the full amount, and could she
just send back all but ten million… But she’d never bothered to check the
history, only the balance. Had the money been deposited that day? Or ten million
at a time, once a month the year before…



Lexi was born kneeling naked in
front of her Master. She opened her eyes, looked up at him, and nearly swooned.
He was so perfect!

From inside her head, Alexandrine
watched warily, making sure Martin stuck to the rules. 2015 was going to be a
challenging year, but if she could just get through it, 2016 could well be the
best year of her life…

Model: Caitlin Stasey

Photographer: Jennifer Toole

Source: Herself.com

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for a maledom cap now that I know where it’s from.)