Heidi took her seat behind the “desk” outside of her boss’s office and logged in to her computer, using the webcam to check her make up one last time before he arrived.

A quick touch up of her lipstick sent a shiver down her spine as she wondered why she had never liked wearing makeup before.

Thinking back though, there were so many things she’d discovered about herself lately, she wasn’t really that surprised to find she enjoyed it.

Ronald opened his outer office door and Heidi perked up as he came closer.  She started to play with her hair with one hand as she half turned on the seat, spreading her legs slightly before crossing them over each other, giving him a perfect view of her bare pussy.

“Good morning Boss!  Can I get you a coffee?” she chirped as he paused for a moment to take in the view.

His eyes on her send her pussy to quivering even more as a smile crossed his lips, “Sure, that would be perfect Heidi, you know how I like it.”

“You got it Boss.” she replied and shot up from the chair to head out to the kitchen area.

By the time she returned he was already seated behind his desk, the large mahogany desk with matching chair made her little plastic and glass unit seem like a toy, and to be honest, it kind of was.  It wasn’t like it had any drawers or file space, it was more of a table that she sat at all day as she worked on her computer, doing whatever her boss told her to.

As she set the cup of coffee down, she steadied herself with her free hand against the fine wood of the desk and memories came flooding back.  She’d sat behind that desk just a few months ago as the CEO of the company her father had founded, driving the staff hard, perhaps harder than was wise, but she was young and rash, she’d ignored Ronald’s advice from the day she’d taken over.

“Here you go Boss!” she smiled as wondered how much time she’d wasted ignoring Ronald instead of listening to his ideas.

It ashamed her to admit it, but she’d actually been on the verge of firing him… the thought send a shiver of fear through her.  She couldn’t imagine it now, it was just something she tried to put behind her.

“Alright Heidi, get back to work and close my door on your way out.”

“You got it Boss!” she said as she turned and swayed her hips from side to side as she returned to her desk, making sure he got a good view of her ass all the way out.

It made her feel so good knowing he was watching her leave, though it hadn’t always been the case.  There had been a time she would have scolded and sent him to the HR department for a reprimand, but that was one of the first pieces of Ronald’s advise she’d actually taken… don’t take men staring at your body as degrading, but as the complement it is meant to be, fell good about it.

It had been so strange, the thought had never occurred to her before, but as soon as he’d said it, it seemed to make perfect sense.  It was a complement, she did feel good about it.

Soon after that she started to find Ronald’s advise more and more indispensable.

“Go easy on the staff, they deserve respect, they work harder than you do.  Take it easy on them and yourself.”  She hadn’t thought about it before, but he was right, they were working much more than she was collectively, they deserved her respect and why shouldn’t she take it a bit easy herself?  She was the boss after all, so what if she started to leave a bit early and come in a bit late?

“Dress to impress doesn’t have to mean suits and flats, heels and skirts can be just as effective.  Dressing up is fun.” She’d always know it was true, but the first time she walked in to the office in a skirt and tight blouse had really opened her eyes to how much of an impact it could have on people.

“You can depend on me, I can take care of the business while you focus on more important things, like your health.” She’d never really considered her health a priority before, but Donald was right, she needed to go to the gym more often.

“The staff is so much smarter than you are, just let them do their work so you don’t have to think about anything at all but how you look and feel.” She’d been so happy when Donald had taken over the day to day operations of the company, he was so much smarter than she was, just like the rest of the staff.  And really, between her time at the gym and the salon, she hardly had any left to think about anything.

“Feeling good is so important, the most important thing and you feel the best when your pleasing others.” He had been right again, the thrill of knowing she’d made someone else feel good was addictive.  The short few hours she was spending at the office had become simply taking orders from Ronald or the staff and doing whatever they wanted.

So when Ronald had suggest she take on a new role at the company, one where should could please others all the time, she’d jumped at the chance.

Sure, it was technically a demotion, from CEO to Office Secretary and she’d had to sign over her controlling interest in the company to Donald for a ridiculously low price, but the constant buzz in her pussy from the entire staff sending her e-mail with new assignments more than made up for it.

A calendar notification from Ronald appeared on her screen and a smile crossed her lips as the pretty colours of the custom notification program Donald had installed for her flashed before her eyes.

“9:30am Dictation in Ronald’s Office”

Heidi smiled broadly as she stood up and walked in to her boss’s office, this had been his latest piece of advise, “Dictation isn’t something you do with pen and paper, you do it with lips and tongue and if you do it right, you’ll always leave satisfied.”

She licked her lips as she opened the door, he was right as always of course, she’d cum each time she’d finished dictation with Ronald or any of the other staff and she was sure this time would be no different.