Hi, Mister!  Come on over, don’t be shy!  I like to fuck new guys.  <GIGGLE>  Oh, man, you’re BLUSHING!  Don’t you like girls?  Then there shouldn’t be a problem, should there?

Oh, yeah, I’m, like, totally a slut.  While my Master is away, I just sit out here and watch the world go by.  And if the world’s got a cock, I invite it over to play with me <GIGGLE>.

Yeah, my Master.  What about him?  I think the two of you would totally get along.  I know when he comes home while I’m fucking the other neighborhood guys, they always have so much fun chatting him up afterwards about what a good slut I am.  Sometimes, they even bring their girlfriends over to meet him later.  Introducing your girlfriend to him must be a real honor, because they always pay to be able to do that.  But why wouldn’t anybody pay to meet Master?  He’s, like, the BEST!

Hypnotized?  Oh, yeah, Master hypnotizes me sometimes.  It’s the coolest!  He swings this pretty pendant back and forth in front of my eyes and it’s like it pulls my eyes right out of my head and then I’m just floating on a cloud while he whispers in my ear about what a Good Girl I am and other good stuff I don’t have to remember.  Sometimes, I’m, like, in one place and then he’ll say something and I’m suddenly in a totally different place and a whole bunch of time has passed.  I think I’m hypnotized then, too, but I don’t need to understand how that works.  Master understands stuff for me.

How did we meet?  Oh, that’s just silly!  I’ve always known Master, just like I’ve always lived in this house.  One time, there was this girl who showed up telling me that wasn’t true, that I used to live someplace else and have a husband and a sister and stuff.  Did she say she was my sister?  It’s so hard to remember, but it doesn’t matter because Master came home just in time and explained everything to her.  She was so grateful that he set her straight that she stayed and lived with us for a couple weeks until he sold her to this really nice man in a country I can’t pronounce.  Master pronounces stuff for me so I have more room in my head for important stuff.

Brainwashed?  <GIGGLE>  Well of COURSE I’m brainwashed, silly!  What else would I be?  Isn’t your slave brainwashed too?  You don’t HAVE a slave?  Oh, you poor boy!  Why don’t you just come inside with me so we can fuck for a little while.  Master is gonna be home in a couple hours.  I know you might not think you want a slave of your own, but we can be very persuasive!