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This must be confusing for you.
You’re used to control, to dominance. All your life, you’ve been able to use
your body to get what you wanted. And yet here you are, on your knees, posing
for me, offering me the use of your body without demanding anything in exchange.

Oh yes, my body wants yours. I’m
sure you can see that. In the past that’s always been enough to give you the
power you crave. But as you’re coming to realize, my mind already has your mind
in its grip, which means your body is mine whenever I want.

You’ll enjoy being in my power far
more than you ever enjoyed wielding power over others. Because I’ve told you
to. You are helpless to resist my command to love being helpless.

The confusion will pass. The
dominance will pass. Only submission and pleasure will remain.

Model: Shelby Chesnes

Photographer: Josh Ryan

Source: Playboy