Suzi writhed on the bed as she listened to the voice in the headphones. It sounded urgent and stressed, almost desperate as it spoke to her.

“Ok ok keep focused. You can pull through this. I know what he’s trying to do with these earphones. He wants to brainwash us. He thinks they’re making you into a dumb bimbo slut right now but he’s wrong!”

Suzi struggled to concentrate on the words the voice was saying. She wanted to just rub herself and think about sexy things but the voice penetrated her head and she couldn’t ignore it.

“He doesn’t know I’ve recorded over his stupid hypnosis audio. Just in time too, I only listened to it a few times and I already feel like I can hear it running through my mind, over and over…I’m a happy bimbo slut. I want to obey master. Thinking is too hard for my pretty little head…”

She was repeating those mantras in her mind, smiling as they washed over her. I’m a happy bimbo slut. I want to obey master. Thinking is too hard for my pretty little head. Bed and over they droned, relaxing her and emptying her of any other thoughts.

“Nnng no I have to stop! I need to say this, I know it will be important. I’m Susanne. I’m a barista at a coffee shop. I have an apartment and friends and I don’t want this. I’m not…um…I’m…not….a happy bimbo slut. I…um…d-don’t w-want to obey master. Thinking is nnnn…too hard for my pretty little head…”

Suzi was stroking herself as she listened intently. She mumbled the words that Susanne tried to deny until she was chanting them and moaning softly. Her favourite part was coming up.

“I nnnnneed masters cock…no….I nnnneed to- to do this to help me remember. I can fight this. I’ll listen to this and I’ll have the strength to resist whatever he does to me next. I won’t end up with blonde hair and fake tits, on my hands and knees with my ass in the air as his big p, thick cock slides into me and…”

Suzi lost herself in the shared fantasy of being fucked doggystyle by her master’s hot, fat cock. She heard master approaching as she moaned and begged him to fuck her.

“Shit! He’s coming back. Stay strong! I’ll never be the dumb bimbo he wants to be. I won’t become Suzi…”

The recording ended and Suzi grinned, a hungry look in her eyes as master removed the headphones.

“Did you have fun listening to Susanne? I know it gets you worked up, knowing how much I changed you, how much control I have over every part of your being.”

“Yes master! Suzi-slut is sooooooo horny now! Please please please fuck Suzi-slut!”

He laughed to himself, remembering how strong willed and confident Susanne had been just a few days ago. She never seemed to notice that she was repeating the mantras to herself quietly or that she would start staring into space when she tried to argue or beg for freedom. All of that was gone now though, Suzi was all that remained.

 Very nicely done