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As the first squirts of cum hit the
back of her throat, Megan thought, This doesn’t seem that special.

Then her thoughts stopped, the
unique property’s of Kevin’s cum sending her directly into a deep, irresistable

Each of Kevin’s slaves, Megan’s
friends, had been programmed differently. Laurie had been programmed to lust
for and worship his cock, and now watched in a mix of religious law and lust as
Megan knelt before it. 

Jenny had been programmed to love
being a sex slave and recruiting others to join her in slavery, so her
expression was one of glee as she watched Megan’s mind fading away.

Maria had been programmed to be
helplessly addicted to his cum, and now watched with jealousy and regret as
gulped it down.

As for Megan, he programmed her to
believe everything he told her. She would never have another independent
thought again. But that was all right, he told her she was happier that way,
and she knew it was true.

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